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Our Services

Apps Development

BCode provides native development as well as hybrid method for all major mobile platform.

Platform Development

BCode provide platform development, from architecting the platform, developing client server to multi merchant e-commerce as well as job dispatching module.

IT Consultation

IT is part of BCode DNA, We provide IT related consultation to any firm/communty/company that faced challenges in technology based planning and implementation.

Our Projects


LinkBike is the first Bike Sharing System implemented in Malaysia. Started in Penang.


1st complaint channel via smartphone app accepted by local government as official complaint channel. Expanded to Ipoh


Tablet based "Internet Cafe" for all library in Penang. Providing extended internet access who visit libraries.


First charity based running app in Malaysia, Promoting Aktif lifestyle while doing charity.

CAT Portal

1st Complaint app on Web portal. Used by local government for overall complaint monitoring

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